The signature features of LetUsBook

Member management

Organizations can create a growing member base through selling tickets for engagements or sessions in their facilities. Keep constant touch with them through emailing, sending promotions, advance notification of forthcoming events etc.

Test drive

A prospective organizer can test all the features of LetUsBook without paying a penny. When they are completely satisfied, they can go live to conduct engagements and manage facilities.

Wallet based accounting

Wallet member accounting helps organizers and members keep track of their membership accounting. Wallets eliminate frequent online payment and refund.

Commission only on net income

We do not charge organizers a fee for every ticket they sell for their engagements or every session of their facilities. We charge only a nominal commission on their net income.

Online and offline receipts and payments

Members can recharge their wallets online or through any organizations in which they are a member. Just hand over the money and it will be credited to member wallet. Similarly get refund from wallets either online or through any organizations.

Events and activities

At LetUsBook we have two kinds of engagements, events and activities. While event can have any number of tickets it can have only one session, activity can have any number of sessions but can have only one ticket. Activity sessions can be priced, discounted and sold differently

Event forecasting

Yet another thumping feature. Organizers can place their engagements in forecast mode to know the demand for it from their members or public in the form of showing interest or commitment.


For high-demand engagements, organizers can allow a pre-order period for their tickets. Members place pre-orders but need to credit their wallets only just before the ticket sale start time. Pre-ordering eliminates network traffic problems for high-demand engagements.

Engagements, Facilities

For both engagements and facilities members can wait-list tickets and sessions that are currently not available with specifying a time limit after which they don’t want their wait-list to be considered for possible confirmation.

Dynamic facility pooling

Using a drag and drop feature, players can dynamically pool in a facility and come together to play. Players’ share of facility fee is automatically transferred to the host from their wallets. Pooling can be public or hosted.

Cancel pending sessions

A feature that all sports loving people have been waiting for. No more worry about losing money when unable to make it to a booked session. Just place the reservation in cancel pending status. If the session gets booked by another member, the former player gets the full refund of the facility fee.

Dynamic session management

You can cut and slice your facility availability in any way you want at any time you want. You can even let your members cut and slice your availability, a great feature that will let you maximize the utilization of your facility.

Multi booking from multiple facilities

Members and organizers would be able to see availability from multiple facilities in a single screen and book sessions in multiple facilities in a single transaction.

Playpals and team building

Players can interact with one another and form team through online pooling. They can transfer money each other, rate one another and recommend to other players.

Let's start off with these videos, shall we?

Introuduction to LetUsBook

LetUsBook in a nutshell
Want to know more? Read our user manuals.

Dynamic Pooling

Our trump feature
Want to know more? Read our documentation on pooling.

Take a test drive


Sign-up with LetUsBook and also opt to create an organization. Your member and organization accounts will be created.


Sign in as an organizer and test all our features from all modules. Your organization account will be credited with 20,000 rupees to help you test all the functions.

Go live!

Once you are completely satisfied with LetUsBook, go live to register your organization as a live organization in LetUsBook.

test drive


For a quick glance of all our features in various modules, please refer our user manual. If you need a hard-copy of the brochure please send us an email and we can ship a copy to you in no time.

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User manual

For those who need an in depth knowledge of all the functionalities of LetUsBook, we have a detailed user manual that explains every process within LetUsBook step by step. You can download, take a print and go through it at your leisure.

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Our location


We are located at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of God’s own country, Kerala. More specifically, our office is located very close to Sasthamangalam, a prominent and well-known location in Trivandrum. Our office has over 5000 square feet build-up area from where we operate all the projects of LetUs Group of Initiatives.

LetUs Group of Initiatives
TC 30/71(2), Wisdom Gardens, Vivekandapuram, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala 695005
0889-128-0386 (Office)
0889-128-0386 (Mobile)