You need to turn on a flag on your profile to give permission to organizers to debit your wallet. This flag is not organization specific meaning once granted any organization can debit your wallet. We suggest turn this flag on and off as required.
You can go to your profile and turn off the setting which says 'I want to receive Emails from LetUsBook'. Please remember, when you do this, you will not be getting ANY Emails from LetUsBook.
f you have accidentally misidentified of your gender, we can help you out. Just give us a call and we can correct it. Gender is used in pooling and change in gender affects pooling and that is the reason gender change is not allowed.
If members want payments from their wallets, they must maintain correct bank information in their profile. LetUsBook then can send money to their bank account through NEFT process.
No, you will have one personal account and one organization account (if you create an organization) with LetUsBook for each of your sign-ins. Your personal account will be used for all the transactions you will have with various organizations where you are a member. Your organization account is used for all transactions your members will make with your organization.
Your profile must have a valid Email ID in order to received Emails from LetUsBook. If you do not want to receive Emails from us you can opt out from your profile page. Please remember once you opt out you will not be receiveing any Emails from us. This is true for both members and organizations.
Go to your 'My Memberships' and turn off the debit permission of the desired organization.
When you also create an organization, your member account goes into test mode because your organization is also in test mode. You will not be allowed to interact with any live facilities until you
After signing in, go to member dashboard and select the menu 'My location'. Here you can search and update your location.
There can be two reasons. First, the facility may not have registered in LetUsBook. Second, the facility may be outside your search radius. You can increase the search radius from your profile page and try again and if still not listed, you can contact us.
If you have opted for organization account at the time of sign-up, an organization account would have created for you. You only need one sign-in credentials to sign in to both your personal and organization account but cannot manage both at the same time. So while sign in you need to select which account you want to manage.
You can have as many accounts as you want but each one must have a unique Indian mobile number.
Yes you can. You can do so from your profile page through an OTP process.
A guest user can view our web site but to use our services, you must sign-up with LetUsBook.
LetUsBook charges every active member an one-time membership setup fee after six months from the date of signing up with LetUsBook. Please refer our pricing page to kow the current membership setup fee.
f you are an organizer of events or an owner of a facility who want to manage its bookings through LetUsBook, you can opt for ‘Create an organization’ at the time of sign-up. brbr If you create an organization at the time of sign-up, you get an opportunity to go through a testing phase before going live. If you want to create an organziation after signing up, you must contact LetUsBook. Organizations created after signing up will not get a chance to go through a testing phase.
If an existing member wants to create and organization, they must contact LetUsBook. Please remember that such organizations will not have a testing period.
When you sign-up with LetUsBook, you agree to abide by our terms & conditions by checking the checkbox available. There is no paper-work needed.
If you are an event organizer or a facility owner who wants to manage their bookings through LetUsBook, you must create an organization at the time of signing up with LetUsBook. If you do not create an organization at the time of signing up, you will not have a testing period if you decided to create an organization later on.
No. But there is no charge in maintaining an organization membership. You can unsubscribe from receiving emails if you wish.
Anyone who sign-up with LetUsBook can also opt to create an organization at the time of sign-up. We advise members not to create an organization if they do not have any plans of being an organizer or a facility owner.

After creating an organizaiton, an organizer can go ahead and go-live with the organziation or go-dead with an organization and in both cases, there is a fee involved. Please check out pricing page for more details.
You can have only one organization per login account.
By default, both your person and organization account will have the same mobile number with which you signed up. You can change the mobile number of your organization from your organization basics page and then you started receiving all your organization related SMS in this mobile. Mobile number for your personal account will always be your sign in mobile number.
If you want to create an organization after you have signed up, you must contact us. Your organization cannot go through a testing phase if you are creating an organization after the sign-up.
Test members are members of a test organization. A test member cannot be a member of any other organization, live or test, as long as the organization in which he is a member is in test mode.
By default an organization is set to remain in test mode for one month from the time of sign-up. If required, organizers can request LetUsBook to extend this time. Organizations can go live or go dead at any time. When going live both the owner and the organization becomes live member and organization in LetUsBook respectively. When going dead, the owner becomes a live member but the organization is deleted from the system.
A reservation, rescheduled or not, can be cancelled only by the facility. You need to contact the facility for a possible cancellation. You can always put a rescheduled reservation on cancel pending just like any other reservation.
Hosted reservations cannot be rescheduled before its hosting is cancelled. Go to your pooling screen and cancel the pooling and then reschedule and then host it. You can then let your playpals know to pool again.
If facility allows, member can reschedule a reservation only once. However, facilities can reschedule a reservation any number of times. Contact your facility.
All transactions are done on your wallet, if the new reservation cost less, then the remaining money comes to your wallet.
Yes, if the facility to which you are rescheduling to allows partial payments.
Against each transaction on your wallet, you can see a reference number, reference type and description. With this information you will know what the transaction is for. For example, if you perform a facility booking, the entry will have booking id as 'Reference number' and 'Facility booking' as reference type. You can then go to your facility booking page and match the transaction with the booking. The same goes with all kinds of transactions.
Basically they both are same. We use these term interchangeably.
LetUsBook can credit or debit member wallet account for a reason, mostly to correct an erroneous transaction, without member permission. However, members will receive a detail email include in which is the reason for the transaction. In most cases such transactions happen only with the approval of members.
In the following three situations we hold amount from your account. When he holds the amount, your account balance and available balance will be different and when we release the hold, both become same again.

When you make an online payment, we hold 1.99% of the payment money. When we know the actual payment gateway fee, we will apply that to your account and release the held money.

When you request a payment from your account we hold the requested amount. When we send the money to your bank and get confirmation from the bank we will release the amount and deduct that amount from your account.

When you pool in a facility, we hold your share of the facility fee until the pooling is completed. We then release the held amount and debit your account with the slot fee.
Account balance is the actual balance on your wallet. Available balance is the balance available for doing any transaction.
Yes, they are different. You need to sign in as a member to see your member account transactions and you must sign in as an organizer to see your organization account transactions.
Yes you can. In fact it is advised that you keep money in your wallet so that you can quickly do transactions in LetUsBook. Your wallet money is 100% safe and it belongs to you. You can request a pay-out of your wallet balance at any time. But unwonted crediting of your account and requesting its pay-out is not entertained.
No. However, cheques can be submitted to LetUsBook and when it is cleared from the bank, the amount less any processing fee can be credited to the member account as cash.
Since we follow wallet based accounting, payment gateway fees are always paid by members.

We charge organizers at the closing of an engagement session a commission on organizer’s net income plus a GST and for facilities a commission on organizer’s net daily income plus a GST on the net daily income after the invoice is created 5 days from the date of the activity. Please refer our pricing page for more details.

All other member and organziation fees are given in our 'Pricing' page.
Credit/debit notes are manual transactions added to wallets by LetUsBook for a reason, mostly to correct an erroneous transaction. Members get an Email that explains the reason for adding a note.
You can transfer money from your account to any of the organizations in which you are a member from my organizations page. You can also transfer money to your playpals from your my playpals page.
If you charge GST to your members, it will be refunded proportionately along with any refund you give. For example your ticket price is 100 rupees and you charge GST of 18% (that is 18 rupees) and when you refund 20 rupees for example, a GST refund of 1.6 (18% of 20) rupees will also be refunded to member.
When members pay organizations directly (not through LetUsBook) they are called offline receipts. When organizations pay members directly (not through LetUsBook) they are called offline payments.

For offline receipts to work the organization account must have the balance equal to or greater than the offline receipt amount because when offline receipt is accepted, the system transfer the same amount from the organization account to the member account.

For offline payments to work the member account must have the balance equal or greater than the offline payment amount because when offline payment is given, the system transfers the same amount from the member account to the organization account. Since there is a chance if misuse of this feature by organizations, there is an OTP process is built in. When organization initiates an offline payment, an OTP is send to the member mobile. The member needs to convey the OTP to the organization to accept the offline payment.
Any refund from organizations to its members is always credited to member’s wallet first. Then it is member’s choice whether he needs a payment from his wallet. If member wants a payment, the organization must perform an offline payment to the member from member’s wallet. This can be done as a cash refund, or through any other mode of payment. There is an OTP process to receive offline payment from organizations.
Members can request a payment from LetUsBook and the amount will be credited to their bank account. Member profile must have bank information updated.
Unsettled payment amount is the sum of all payments yet to be processed from your account. Two kinds of unsettled payments are the amount of the payment that you requested from your account, and the slot fee that is withheld at the time of pooling (only in the case of members).
Members can request payment on their wallet balance at any time. Payment requests are processed once in a week. Your profile must be updated with your bank information in order to process payments.
When organization give money to a member, the same amount is deducted from the member wallet and credited to the organization wallet. The member wallet must have a minimum balance that is above the refund requested plus any payment fee plus the minimum wallet balance to be maintained for this to work. Also, there is an OTP confirmation process. Member must pass the OTP they receive in their mobile to the organization to get an offline payment.
We send many payment requests from various members to our bank in a batch. In order to make every payment distinct we adjust the payment amount of some members by few paisas. But what you will receive in your bank is what we have deducted from your wallet, nothing more.
You can add money to your wallet using our online payment method. As a member of an organization you can also add money to your wallet through your organization if your organization allows by handing over the money in any form to the organization.
The unsettled receipt amount is the payment you make online before its payment gateway fee is applied. 1.99% of the online payment you make is withheld as a payment gateway fee and your account balance will be shown as the actual balance less this amount. The exact payment gateway fee will be deducted from your account once we know it.
When member give money to an organization, the same amount is deducted from the organization wallet and credited to the member account. The organization wallet must have a minimum balance equal to the offline receipt amount for this to work.
Sure you can. If organization allows, you can add money to your wallet through an organization. Just hand over the money to the organization and make sure your account is credited the money before leaving the place. We send an SMS to you immediately after organization credit the money. In case you have not received the SMS, check your account online and make sure. If the wallet is still not credited you must talk to your organization about it.
Please check who has initiated the transaction. If you are the one who initiated the transaction you must know about. If you could not recollect performing that transaction, please let us know we can help you with more details. If an organization is the one who has initiated the transaction, you must contact them to get the details. If LetUsBook is the one who initiated, you can contact us.
Offline payments are money transactions that you make with your organizations. The money you give to your organization is called offline receipt and money you receive from organization is called offline payment.
Members can sell products and services along with their tickets. These are called add-ons.
Go to your engagement booking screen and search for your booking. Click the ‘Add Add-on’ icon to see the add-on add screen. Here you can see your current number of tickets of your booking. Choose the add-on from the drop-down that you want to add to your booking. Once you select an add-on, you can see the current number of add-ons of your bookings, if there any. You can also see maximum number of add-ons allowed. Select the number of new add-ons you want to purchase and click process. If your account does not have sufficient balance you won’t be able to make the purchase; you will have to first credit your wallet.
Members cannot cancel add-ons. Organizers cancel add-ons from engagement bookings screen.
Tickets can be booked by accessing the engagement page and clicking the button ‘Book now!’ If the engagement is not on planning stage, a page with all the tickets will be displayed with its current status. Member can select one more tickets and click the continue button to confirm the ticket selection and make a booking.
Pre-order ticket booking cannot be combined with any other tickets. Each pre-order has to be a booked in separate booking.
Members cannot cancel a ticket. Members can request organizers to cancel a ticket from a booking for them. Organizers can specify a refund amount and the amount goes to the member wallet. Organizers can also specify whether they want the cancelled tickets to go back to the availability. If they are waitlist entries for the ticket, they will be processed automatically. The attendee of the ticket will be informed of the cancellation via Email.
Attendees are added to an engagement through the booking process for an existing member and then adding attendee information for the booking if there are more than one ticket is purchased. If organizers want to add a new attendee to an engagement, they can access the Book now!’ button and enter the attendee information on the ‘For whom’ page and proceed to book ticket for the attendee. The attendee automatically becomes a member of LetUsBook and the organization.
Organizer must first access the booking from the booking search page. Click on the ‘Attendees’ action icon will list all the tickets of the booking. Select the ticket that you want to cancel and click the action icon ‘Cancel the ticket’. Enter the refund amount. Also specify whether you want the ticket to go back to the availability. Click ‘Cancel the ticket’. If the organization wallet does not have sufficient balance, refund cannot be processed. Total amount to be refunded including any GST refund will be displayed.
If organizers allow, members can transfer ticket to anyone. Access the bookings page and locate the booking. Click the ‘Attendees’ action icon to list all the tickets of that booking. Select the ticket (attendee) that you want to transfer and click the action icon ‘Transfer’. Enter the mandatory information and click the button ‘Transfer’. If organizer does not allow member to transfer a ticket, member can contact the organizer for a possible transfer.
Not needed if your organizer does not demand it. If only one QR code is needed, you will get a combined QR code in your Email as soon as you make a booking that will include the number of tickets booked. You or attendees only need to take this QR code to the venue. If organizer insists that each attendee needs to be identified at the venue, then you need to fill up the questionnaire with the attendee information. As soon as attendee information is filled, a QR code is send to each attendee. Each attendee must bring their QR code to the venue in order to be admitted.
Any gathering of people for a reason we call an engagement.
The ticket you are trying to book has a pre-order period and its pre-orders are in processing now. The ticket sale starts as soon as all its pre-orders are processed. You can try after some time to book the tickets for the engagement.
No, we have moved this section away from booking so that members can book tickets quickly. They will have to answer the questions from their booking page after the booking is completed.
If facility allows, members can put their reservation in a cancel-pending status. When this is done, the session is opened for booking again. When the session or part of it gets booked by another member, the member who booked it initially gets the facility fee back in their wallet.
Members cannot cancel a reservation. They must contact the facility for a possible cancellation of a reservation.
When a reservation is put on cancel-pending, pooling will continue to remain active. Only when the reservation is cancelled, its poolig is also cancelled.
Yes they can, however not directly. They must first refund the money online so that the refund money is transferred from organization wallet to the member wallet. Organizer then must initiate an offline payment to the member from their member search page.
Booking is a bunch of reservations that you book together. Even if you book only one session, a booking record is created that has one reservation record. Booking as a whole cannot be cancelled. One needs to cancel its reservations. Also, member is not allowed to cancel a reservation. They can place the reservation in cancel pending for a possible cancellation against another reservation or they have to contact the facility for a possible cancellation with or without full or partial refund.
Facility add-ons are such as racket renting, extra charge for A/c room, refreshments or anything a facility owner wants to sell to their members along with a reservation. brbr Members cannot request add-ons online nor add-ons can be added to cancel-pending reservations.
Members cannot add add-ons to a reservation. A facility owner adds add-ons to an existing reservation at the time of activity or before. A provision to accept money from members while add-ons are added also provided.
Yes. Add-ons can be refunded.partially or fully To do this go to the reservation search and get the reservation to which the add-on has been added. Then go to its add-ons page. Then select the add-on which is to be cancelled or refunded. Then click the refund icon against the add-on. Enter the refund amount in the pop-up and process it.
Go to reservation search screen and locate the reservation to which an add-on is to be added. Click the action icon ‘Add an add-on’. A popup will appear in which the details of the add-ons can be added.
A booking comprises of all the sessions that you book at a time. A reservation is one of the sessions in a booking.
Go the facility’s home page and click the button single booking. You will get a screen where you can enter filter criteria to display sessions in a selected list of facilities. Once you decide the day, you can click on an existing available session to book that session. brbr If custom booking is allowed by the facility, you can select a number of any contiguous 15-minute sessions to perform a single booking. brbr You can also do a non-custom single session booking from multi-booking session selection screen by selecting any session that you want to do single booking.
First access the multi booking link from the home page of the facility. Once you are in the page, enter filter criteria to narrow down the sessions. Select the sessions you want to book and add it to the booking list the section below. Once all the desired sessions are added, click the continue button to enter the booking confirmation screen. Here you will be see the total facility fee, booking fees if applicable, your wallet balance, payment gateway fees etc. If your wallet has sufficient money, you can straight away book the sessions else you will be taken to payment gateway where you will pay the remaining money needed for the booking to complete the booking.
Multi-booking is the term used when members book more than one session at a time. Bulk booking is the term used when organizers book more than one session for a member. The number of days the booking is opened can different for members and organizers. This setting is done by the facility owner to facilitate bulk booking. If a member wants to book days beyond what is opened for them, they must contact the facility.
For a single session booking, if facility allows, members may pay only a fraction of the facility fee up front. Facility will determine the minimum percentage amount a member has to pay. But if any other member pays 10% or more than what the current booking has paid, the old booking is cancelled and the new member gets the booking. The booking will get confirmed for whoever pays 100%.
Member can pay the unpaid amount at any time by accessing the reservation from reservations page. If paying, unpaid amount has to be paid in full. Member can pay the rest of the fee at the facility also.
Facility engagements are engagements that are conducted at facilities. Using engagement module of LetUsBook, bookings for various engagements can be taken by booking facility sessions and connecting them with engagements.
First you must check with the facility whether they allow training activities to be conducted at their facilities. Then you must sign-up with LetUsBook and opt for creating an organization also. Sign in as organizer and create a training engagement and activate it. Please refer engagement module of our user manual to learn about how to create and activate engagements. brbr You must then sign in to LetUsBook as a member and reserve sessions at the facility where you want to conduct the training sessions. Then go to reservations search screen and locate the reservation to which you want to attach your training engagements. Click on ‘Attach engagement’ action icon to bring up a list of all your active engagements. Choose the engagement that you want to attach and click ‘Attach’. brbr Members who are booking sessions in the facility where you are conducting training will come to know about your training and they can book tickets for your training.
Members who book sessions with facilities will come to know about such engagements and they can book tickets for the engagements.
A reservation, rescheduled or not, can be cancelled only by the facility. You need to contact the facility for a possible cancellation. You can always put a rescheduled reservation on cancel pending just like any other reservation.
Hosted reservations cannot be rescheduled before its hosting is cancelled. Go to your pooling screen and cancel the pooling and then reschedule and then host it. You can then let your playpals know to pool again.
If facility allows, member can reschedule a reservation only once. However, facilities can reschedule a reservation any number of times. Contact your facility.
All transactions are done on your wallet, if the new reservation cost less, then the remaining money comes to your wallet.
Yes, if the facility to which you are rescheduling to allows partial payments.
Session is a period of continuous activity in a facility such as 7 AM - 8 AM etc.
Wait listing can be done from multi booking screen as well as from single booking screen. brbr When you search for sessions you can see an already reserved sessions listed as ‘Waitlist Now!’ as your reservation status. In a single session booking also you can see already reserved session marked with ‘Waitlist now!’ brbr Clicking the link will take you to a screen where you can pay a waitlisting fee and waitlist the session. The default minimum minute noticed required for confirming a reservation from your profile will be filled in this screen which you can override to any value you like. You can also specify whether you want to host the session if the session gets booked. You can also add a coupon code if you have one.
Yes you can. You access your waitlisted screen from your home page and delete the entry.
Members can waitlist multiple sessions with overlapping time from different facilities. When one waitlisting is confirmed, all other waitlisting that overlaps with the timing of the booked session is automatically deleted.
You can make playpals in three ways. brbr First is from your ‘My playpals’ link available on your home page. Click the green + sign to add a new playpal. You must know the player Id and the first name of the player to add him as your playpal. You must ask the player for his Player ID. brbr Secondly you can make playpals from a public pooling/hosting. Go to your ‘My pooling’ page and click on the action item ‘Add as my playpal’ on the player you want to add as your playpal. brbr Thirdly, using 'Player search' screen. Search players using different criteria and once find your desired players, add them as your playpals. brbr The player then must accept your invitation before he can become your playpal.
Your member ID is different from your player Id. For each sport you participate you get a player ID. When you pool for the first time (either public pooling or hosted pooling) for a particular type of sports, your Player ID is created and you can see it from ‘My playpals’ link from your home page. You will be listed as one of your playpals.
Once a player added you as his playpal you can see him in the second section of your ‘My playpals’ page. You can select the player and click the action icon ‘Block the player’. Then you will be displayed as blocked in his playpal list. He won’t be able to communicate with you online.
Pooling is a dynamic process through which a group of players come together to play a session at a sports facility.
If a facility allows, any member can start pooling in a session in that facility. When the number of players needed for that game is pooled, the session is automatically booked in the name of the first player pooled and slot fee for each member is deducted from their wallets. brbr A public pooling become public hosting when the team is filled and the reservation is made.
A member first reserves a session with a facility and hosts it as private or public pooling. In public pooling any member can pool for the session whereas in private pooling only the playpals of the host can pool for the session.
You can pool in a facility in multiple of ways. From the facility home page, you can click ‘Single pooling’ link to pool for sessions. You can also pool from ‘Pooling chart’ link available on facility home page. From multi booking link also you can pool for a single session at a time.
You can access the link ‘My pooling’ from your home page to see all current and past pooling.
Yes. Partially paid reservations are always on cancel-pending status until paid full. When cacel-pending reservations are cancelled, any pooling associated with it is also cancelled.
No. Your account must have a minimum balance equal to the pooling fee to initiate a pooling. Then in order to pool for a slot, your account must have sufficient balance to cover for the slot fee.
When you host a 4-player or 2-player game, the sots will be marked as non-available for those slots where you specified as not interested in your profile. But you still can go to the pooling and pool that slot to override it. For other players, those slots will still be seen as non-available.
Yes. If you do not see a facility type in the facility update section, you can contact us.
A player withdraws from a pooling whereas only the host of the pooling can cancel the pooling. You have to withdraw from your pooling. When you withdraw, the pooling becomes open again and other players can fill your position. But you will not get the refund of the slot fee only if the pooling is filled again.
When you pool your slot fee is only withheld not deducted from your wallet. When you withdraw from a pooling in which you are not reserved your withheld slot fee is immediately released. Whereas when you withdraw from a reserved pooling your paid slot fee is not refunded until the pooling is reserved again or when pooling is cancelled.
Yellow color indicates you are currently in the waiting list in that slot. The image you see is that of the player who is currently pooled in that slot.
No. When a pooling is cancelled, slot fee paid by all the players is refunded and any fee that is withheld is also released. Pooling fee is not refunded. brbr Cancelling a pooling can be done only by its host. A public pooling can be cancelled only by the facility. When a public pooling is cancelled, withheld money is immediately released.
When you withdraw from a slot (applicable only for 2 and 4 player games), you are only withdrawing your pooling from a particular slot. All other slots where you are already pooled remain pooled. When you withdraw from a pooling, you are withdrawing from all the slots where you have pooled . brbr You can withdraw from slots only from the pooling frame but can withdraw from a pooling from the pooling list.
In the case of private pooling you will not get your slot fee back if the pooling is not filled again or if the pooling is not cancelled by its host. In the case of public pooling You get your slot fee back as soon as the team is formed again.
When a player withdrew from a reserved pooling, the reservation remains booked.The money is not refunded to the player unless the team is formed again.
The held fee is released the day after the activity day.
Yes. Even if you are booked for a pooling in a 4-player game, you can still pool other slots. If a player is withdrawn from an already booked pooling, one of the other boxes is automatically booked if all the slots in that box are already pooled. brbr If a slot is already pooled, you can still pool in that slot and in which case you go into waitlist mode.
For games that is played with more than 4 players both box and slot denotes the same thing. For 4-player and 2-player games, slot represents the portion of the box for one player. Box and slots are used to facilitate gender based pooling for 2-player and 4-player games.
Pooling frame is the term used by LetUsBook to represent the pictorial representation of a playing field.
First add the facility as your favourite facility from the facility page, if you have not already added. Then go to my favourite facilities and click the action icon 'Switch public pooling notify' icon to switch between get notified or not to get notified of public pooling in that facility.
Go to your 'My playpals' page and switch 'searchable' flag. You can turn this flag on and off at any time.
If facility allows, members can reschedule a reservation once before a time specified by the facility from the activity begin time. brbr If facility allows members can reschedule a reservation to other types of facilities also within the same organization. brbr If facility allows members can even reschedule a reservation to other facilities outside the current organization.
A reservation cannot be rescheduled if it is alreadu hosted. The hosting must be cancelled first before a reservation can be rescheduled..
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