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LetUsBook is an application available both online and on mobile through which bookings of events and facilities can be managed quickly, efficiently and professionally. Packed with features, LetUsBook will stand out in every aspect of the online booking of events and facilities. For event organizers, facility owners and members, LetUsBook provides a wide range of features to ease the overall booking process along with an exciting experience of a great design never seen before.

We have come a long way!

LetUsBook was not built overnight. The idea of building a comprehensive booking application was conceived in 2013 after our first project LetUsRead went live. We have been exploring the idea patiently ever since, researching, brain-storming and discussing it with numerous event organizers and facility owners on various aspects of online booking.

We looked at similar projects elsewhere, got inspired by them, improved their features, and added the missing ones and made sure that every component worked together on our road to make LetUsBook what it is today.

That being said, we are not done. We will continue to improve LetUsBook by adding more and more features but at the same time not cluttering it, in the years to come from the valuable feedback received from all its users.

LetUsBook has gone through an extensive cycle of testing before going live. Today, event organizers and facility owners all over India can confidently and proudly use LetUsBook for their booking needs.

letubook bulding
letubook bulding

Our ironclad promise

Our team is committed to giving highly professional services to all of our clients in terms of timely acknowledgements of incoming communications, short resolution times, maintaining great interpersonal relations, prompt payments and continuous improvements in all areas. As we derive inspiration from the well-known Japanese proverb which equates customer to god, the willingness to listen, respect and respond to our valuable clients is inbuilt in our work culture. LetUsBook is here to stay serving more and more clients for many years to come and that is our ironclad promise.

Our Location


We are located at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of God’s own country, Kerala. More specifically, our office is located very close to Sasthamangalam, a prominent and well-known location in Trivandrum. Our office has over 5000 square feet build-up area from where we operate all the projects of LetUs Group of Initiatives.

LetUs Group of Initiatives
TC 30/71(2), Wisdom Gardens, Vivekandapuram, Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala 695005
0889-128-0386 (Office)
0889-128-0386 (Mobile)