Member management

LetUsBook provides a state of the art dashboard for organizers to manage their members. Most of the other event boking sites do not have a comprehensive member management module because they do not have a member base.

Assistant management

Organizers can appoint assistants to help them with the day-to-day activities. They can assign roles and responsibilities and restrict access to sensitive functions, settle offline payments of members with them and many more. While others consider this as not needed, we have provided this module for large event organizers.

Test drive

Prospective organizers can take a test drive with LetUsBook before deciding to go live. While on test drive organizers can test all the features without paying a penny.

Wallet based accounting

Every member and organization has a wallet through all the financial transactions take place. No other event or facility booking application provides this feature. Because of wallet feature, members and organizations can keep track of each and every transaction in their wallet account just like a bank account. This also eliminates frequent online payments and refunds.

Offline and online payments and receipts

Members can recharge their wallet either online or through any organizations in which they are a member. They can also do NEFT to recharge their wallet eliminating the payment gateway fees. Organization refund goes to member wallets and from their organizers can give direct refund or members can request an online refund from LetUsBook.

Money transfer

Organizations and members can transfer money between their wallets.

Activity and event

While others club both events and activities into one category and name it as events, LetUsBook distinguishes events and activities and provides features accordingly.

Multi session activities

Manage multi session activities with pricing and, availability different for each sessions

Commission on the net income not on every ticket sold

Unlike others, we do not charge organizers on every ticket they sell. We charge a commission only on the net income they make and that too is determined and charged only when an engagement is closed. So if organizers make refunds in the course of an engagement, LetUsBook do not charge a commission for that refund.

GST and GST refund

LetUsBook is fully GST incorporated. When a refund is made, s GST refund is also issued to members proportionately.

Event forecasting

This is a very useful tool for event organizers. When event organizers are planning for an event they can place the event in forecast mode to know the demand from the members. One step ahead, members they can show commitment by paying a commitment fee. These features help organizers plan their tickets, add-ons, discounts etc. as needed.

Ticket pre-ordering

No other event organizers provide this feature. Through pre-ordering members can pre-order tickets and stay ahead in the game. Using pre-orders, net-work traffic can be eliminated for high-demand engagements. Members who make pre-orders make sure their wallet has sufficient money.

Clocked wait-listing

Engagement tickets and facility sessions can be wait-listed. Members can specify a time limit before they want the wait-list to be confirmed. Wait-listing feature helps organizers plan the availability of tickets and making decisions on cancelling a cancellation request from a member.

Cancellations, bulk cancellations and refund

Bookings can be cancelled in just one click and refund of all the tickers or sessions are processed automatically. Engagement can also be cancelled in one click and all refunds from all the bookings are processed automatically.

Real time dynamic pooling

Players can pool for a session in a facility in real-time using a drag and drop feature. We provide this yet another unique feature for all sports loving people. A great way to get to know new players, make friends with them, rate them and meet again and again to play.

Hosting a match

Member can reserve a session in facility and open it for pooling in private or public mode. In private his play-pals can pool where as in public hosting, anyone can pool. The player’s share of facility fee is automatically transferred from his wallet to the host’s wallet.

Dynamic session management

Facilities are not required to stick on to any particular timing for their sessions. Using the merging and splitting feature, facilities can dynamically manage sessions for the maximum utilization.

Cancel pending

This is a feature that both players and facility owners have been waiting for. With this feature members can place their booking in a cancel pending state and when another member books this session, the former member gets the full refund.

Multiple wait listing and pooling

Members can wait-list and pool sessions in multiple facilities for the same session. When one gets confirmed all other wait listings are automatically cancelled.

See availability from multiple facilities

Members can see availability of sessions from multiple facilities in one screen and book sessions in multiple facilities in one booking.

Training and tournaments

Faculties can conduct tournaments and training in their facilities and use the engagement booking module of LetUsBook to accept bookings.

Features Module Others LetUsBook
Offline payment and receipt Finance
Wallet based accounting Finance
Detailed transaction listing Finance
Money transfer Finance
Payment requests Finance
Address management Members
Assistant management Organization
Member registration fee Organization
Multi-session engagements Engagements
Multi-tickets Engagements
Multi-discounts Engagements
Questionnaire Engagements
Multi add-ons Engagements
Offline add-on selling Engagements
Event forecasting Engagements
Ticket pre-ordering Engagements
Ticket wait-listing Engagements
Bulk cancellation and refund Engagements
Ticket forwarding Engagements
Engagement report Engagements
Income reports at booking an engagement level Engagements
Coupon management Engagements
Engagement session management Engagements
Custom questions Engagements
Support all sports facilities Facilities
Detailed facility discount module Facilities
Session management Facilities
Custom booking Facilities
Bulk booking Facilities
Dynamic pooling Facilities
Dynamic hosting Facilities
Holiday, weekend and regular rates Facilities
15 minutes session rating Facilities
Cancel pending Facilities
Session wait-listing Facilities
Comprehensive play-pal module Facilities
Comprehensive booking management Facilities
Reservation extension Facilities
Conducting tournaments and training Facilities
Utilization charts Facilities
Faculty dashboard Facilities
Engagement dashboard Engagements
Visual representation facility availability Facilities
Multi wait listing Facilities
QR coding Engagements
Commission only on net income Finance
Member dashboard Members
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