Why LetUsBook is the next generation application for event and facility booking?

With never-seen-before features, professional and experienced team behind, word-class customer support and easy-to-use interface there is no excuse for not to start using LetUsBook

The Signature features of LetUsBook

Member management

Organizations can create a growing member base through selling tickets for engagements or sessions in their facilities. Keep constant touch with them through emailing, sending promotions, advance notification of forthcoming events etc.

Test drive

A prospective organizer can test all the features of LetUsBook without paying a penny. When they are completely satisfied, they can go live to conduct engagements and manage facilities.

Wallet based accounting

Wallet member accounting helps organizers and members keep track of their membership accounting. Wallets eliminate frequent online payment and refund.

Commission only on net income

We do not charge organizers a fee for every ticket they sell for their engagements or every session of their facilities. We charge only a nominal commission on their net income.

Online and offline receipts and payments

Members can recharge their wallets online or through any organizations in which they are a member. Just hand over the money and it will be credited to member wallet. Similarly get refund from wallets either online or through any organizations.

Events and activities

At LetUsBook we have two kinds of engagements, events and activities. While event can have any number of tickets it can have only one session, activity can have any number of sessions but can have only one ticket. Activity sessions can be priced, discounted and sold differently

Event forecasting

Yet another thumping feature. Organizers can place their engagements in forecast mode to know the demand for it from their members or public in the form of showing interest or commitment.


For high-demand engagements, organizers can allow a pre-order period for their tickets. Members place pre-orders but need to credit their wallets only just before the ticket sale start time. Pre-ordering eliminates network traffic problems for high-demand engagements.

Engagements, Facilities

For both engagements and facilities members can wait-list tickets and sessions that are currently not available with specifying a time limit after which they don’t want their wait-list to be considered for possible confirmation.

Dynamic facility pooling

Using a drag and drop feature, players can dynamically pool in a facility and come together to play. Players’ share of facility fee is automatically transferred to the host from their wallets. Pooling can be public or hosted.

Cancel pending sessions

This is the feature that all sports loving people have been waiting for. No more worry about losing money when unable to make it to a booked session. Just place the reservation in cancel pending status. If the session gets booked by another member, the former player gets the full refund of the facility fee.

Dynamic session management

You can cut and slice your facility availability in any way you want at any time you want. You can even let your members cut and slice your availability, a great feature that will let you maximize the utilization of your facility.

Multi booking from multiple facilities

Members and organizers would be able to see availability from multiple facilities in a single screen and book sessions in multiple facilities in a single transaction.

Playpals and team building

Players can interact with one another and form team through online pooling. They can transfer money each other, rate one another and recommend to other players.

Single account many memberships

Every member will have only one account within LetUsBook but can have membership with any number of organizations. All the financial transactions go through one single wallet.

Create your organization at the time of sign-up

At the time of sign-up, you can opt to create an organization if you have any plans of conducting events or managing facilities.

Full action capturing

Every action of a member online is captured and recorded for review in case of an issue or dispute. All the actions of admins and organizers on members are also captured. Members can see these actions from their home page.

State of the art dashboard

Your dashboard shows all the important data and east to access menu on the left side. When you login as an organizer you land on your dashboard from where you can perform various activities.

Test drive

When your organization is first created, it will be in the test mode. Only you and your members can see it online. You can test all our features while on test mode without paying any fees. When you are completely satisfied you can go live to register your organization as a live organization in LetUsBook.

20,000 rupees to your wallet

While in test mode you get 20,000 rupees in your wallet which you can use to test various functionalities. You can transfer this money to your test members so that they will be able to test member functions.


Comply with KYC by uploading KYC documents. We cannot allow you to go live without completing all the KYC formalities.

Member management

Have a growing member base. Communicate with them anytime. Send notification, forthcoming activities, promotions etc.

Registration fee

If you want, you can impose a registration fee for your organization. You can also restrict public registration in your organization.

Assistant management

You can add assistants who can help you with your organization. Roles and responsibilities can be limited for assistants. Assistant can accept money offline from members which can be tallied and settled frequently. Track your assistant actions online at any time.

Address management

Add many addresses and maintain it and use them in any engagement or facilities you create.

Promote your organization, engagements and facilities

You can share your organization, engagements and facilities home pages with your members and they can help you promote your organizations.

Wallet based accounting

Every member and organization will have a wallet within LetUsBook through which all the financial transactions take place. All the transactions are displayed with information such as who initiated it, date and description. All the incoming money is first credited to member wallet from where it is used for various transactions.

Online and offline receipts and payments

This is a very useful feature. Members can credit their wallets online using credit, debit cards or offline through an organization which is called offline receipt. You just hand over the cash to the organization and request to credit it to your wallet. Similarly you can request payment from your wallet online from LetUsBook or offline from any of the organizations.

Money transfer

You can share your organization, engagements and facilities home pages with your members and they can help you promote your organizations.

Payment requests

Both members and organization can request payment from their wallet at any time. Payments are processed and regularly and the money is credited to their bank accounts.

SMS notifications

Members and organizers can opt to receive SMS when any credit or debit is made on their wallet and this they can be always on top of your wallet.

GST and GST refund

Organizers can set a GST rate for their services and charge members accordingly and when there is a refund, a proportional GST is also refunded.

A dashboard for each engagement

Engagement dashboard gives you the latest bookings, list of who is interested, committed, pre-ordered and wait-listed. From the left side menu, you can drill-down to your data and manage them.

Events and activities

At LetUsBook, we distinguish events and activities. Events are engagements that have only one session whereas activities are engagements that can have multiple sessions. Events can have multiple tickets whereas activities can have only one ticket.

Multi-session engagements

If you have an engagement that have multiple sessions which need to be priced and managed independently, create an activity and have any number of sessions that can span many days.

Supports various types of engagements

LetUsBook supports most common engagements types such as stage shows, marathons, conferences, college festivals and reunions, and many more.

Three ticket types

Go for normal, free or name-your-price ticket. In name-your-price tickets, you can specify a minimum ticket price and members can choose a price equal or more than this price.

Multiple discount types

Choose from flat, group, loyal, early-bird or coupon discounts.


Add any number of add-ons and sell them at the time of booking or even afterwards.


Do you want to collect information about the attendees of a booking? No problem. Select questions from stock questions or make custom questions. Members need not answer questions at the time of booking but only after booking.

Answer questions after booking

You do not have to force your members answer you questionnaire at the time of booking. They can quickly book the tickets and then answer the questionnaire later on. But QR code is not sent out until questionnaire is completed.

Event forecasting

Through event forecasting you will get to know the demand for a particular event you are planning to conduct. Members can show interest or commitment to it. You can then plan your ticketing and discounting accordingly and confirm your engagement.

Showing interest

While an engagement is on forecast mode, members can show interest in the engagement. Through this feature organizers can start planning. Organizers can communicate with the interested members also.

Showing commitment

One level further, members can show a commitment to an engagement in forecast mode by making a down-payment prescribed by the organizer. This payment is kept by LetUsBook and returned to member at the time of booking or when organizer cancels the engagement.

Ticket forwarding

Organizers can allow members to forward a ticket from a booking to anyone. They only need to specify name, gender and age of the new attendee. The attendee need not be a member of LetUsBook or the organization.


We are introducing a new feature that has no parallels. For high demand tickets you can allow your tickets to go on a pre-order sale. Your members can pre-order tickets in advance and they will be processed just before the ticket sale goes live. Please check user-manual to see how it works.

Cancellation and refund

Cancel a ticket, a booking or an engagement as a whole with or without refund.


Organizers and members can send emails between themselves from different contexts.

Timed wait listing

Yet another great feature. If your tickets are sold out, your members can wait-list those tickets. Based on the added availability or cancellation of existing tickets, waitlisted tickets are processed automatically provided member wallet has sufficient balance.

QR code enabled

Tickets are QR code enabled so that entry of members at the gate can be handled easily. Attendees come with their QR code and organizers will only have to scan the QR code for verification.


You can use our widget and implant it on your web site and your members can book tickets directly from your web site without having to redirect to our web site.

Reports and charts

Presents many reports and charts to get an in-depth analytics of your booking data help you to understand real-time status of your engagement and quick view of its performance.

Download data

You can download any of your data in CSV of pdf format at any time.

Display order

You can set the display order for your tickets and questions and they will be accordingly displayed to your members

A dynamic dashboard

In a single dashboard you can change your facility and all the data is dynamically changed. Same as organization and engagement dashboard, you will have a menu and important data is displayed on the landing page.

All sports facilities are supported

All the sports facilities can be supported by LetUsBook. If you have a facility that is included in LetUsBook, you can let us know.

Dynamic session and rates management

Facilities can fix the length of each session in any way they want. Sessions can be merged or split, open and close at any time and so on. Session management is very flexible with LetUsBook. Rates can be set for every 15 minutes of a regular day, holiday and weekend days.

Cancellations & refund

Facility owners can cancel a particular session reservation or cancel the entire booking with or without refund.

Custom booking

In custom booking, if facilities allow, members can book facilities for any duration of their choosing.

Bulk booking

By restricting the number of days opened for booking for members, facility owners can bulk book sessions beyond those days.

Multiple rates

You can specify regular, weekend and holiday rates for your facilities

Availability from facilities across organizations

Members can see availability of sessions from multiple facilities across multiple organizations in one screen and book sessions in those facilities in one booking.

Cancel pending

Members can put their reservation in cancel pending status opening up the session for others. When the session gets booked, the member of the cancel-pending reservation gets the full refund in his wallet.

Timed wait-listing

If a session is currently booked, members can waitlist that session. When the session is cancelled, or placed in cancel-pending, the wait-list requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Members can specify a time-limit before which they want to see the wait-list confirmed else not.

Multiple waitlisting

Members can wait-list sessions in multiple facilities and when one wait-list is confirmed, all other wait-listings that has overlapping time period are automatically cancelled.

Extend a reservation

Facility owners can easily extend an existing reservation in situations such as early start or late leaving.


Members are also allowed to reschedule their reservation if their facility allows. Facility owner can set various rules for rescheduling in the facility settings.


Create any number of coupons that anyone can use or only a set of members can use. Attach them to one or more of your facilities. You can set its availability and validity time frames. Member coupons are best for giving special discounts to corporates and companies.

Dynamic public pooling

If facilities allow, members can pool the facility for a session. Other members can also pool and when the numbers of players required are pooled, the reservation is made. Members need to pay only their share of facility fee and is paid from their wallet. Public pooling is a great way to make new friends and players. Gender based pooling is enabled.

Dynamic hosted pooling

In a hosted pooling, a member first reserves a session and pays the facility. He can then place the pooling in public or private pooling. In public pooling, anyone can pool for the session but in private pooling, only his play-pals can pool for the session.

Facility engagements

As a facility owner, you can conduct various activities on your facility such as training, tournaments etc. and accept bookings from your members using the engagement component of LetUsBook. Members will come to know about such activities from the booking panel on their memberships.

Income reports, charts and graphs

You will always be on top of your financials with LetUsBook. At any time you will know the income your facilities are generating. Various charts and graphs help you understand the utilization of your facilities

Download data

You can download any of your data in CSV of pdf format at any time.

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