This is how it works

There is no obligation or you have nothing to pay until you are completely satisfied with us.
Test LetUsBook anyway you want but you cannot go wrong because that is how it is designed.


  • Sign up with us. While signing up opt for creating an organization also. We will credit your organization account with 20,000 rupees to help you test the features that has financial transactions.
  • Now sign in as an organiser. You will land up in your organisation home page. Your organization will be in test mode.
letubook bulding
letubook bulding


  • Update your organization with the basic details.
  • Add an address.
  • Go and activate your organization.
  • Now add a few test members to your organization. You need valid mobile number for each of your test members.
  • You need to transfer some money from your organization account to your test member accounts. Only then they can test member features. You can do this from the screen 115.
  • You can now create engagements or facilities as required.
  • If you are an event organizer, create an engagement.


  • Add tickets, discounts, questionnaire, add-ons etc. as required and test all the features. To know how to do all these, refer our user-manual.
  • Ask your test members to book some tickets. You check your reports to verify the data.
  • You can continue to test wait-listing, pre-ordering, attendee data and so.
  • If you are a facility owner, create a facility.
letubook bulding
letubook bulding


  • Update the facility with all the details.
  • Go to session template screen and add a few templates.
  • Now you are ready to activate your test facility.
  • After activating ask your test members to book sessions.
  • You can try to cancel them, refund etc. Verify your reports for the accuracy of the data.
  • Request your members to test our signature feature – pooling.
  • You can continue testing the remaining features.
  • While testing, if you have questions or have come across issues, you can contact us

Go live!

  • When you are completely satisfied, you can go live to register your organization as a live organization in LetUsBook.
  • Once you are completely satisfied with LetUsBook, you can click the ‘Go live’ button from your organization home page. When you go live, the following things happen
  • You will be taken to the payment gateway to pay our organization go live fee.
  • If the fee is successfully processed,
  • All your test data will be deleted, except yours and your organization login data and your members.
  • You are now live and all the LetUsBook members can see you as a live organization in LetUsBook.
  • You can now create engagements and or facilities as required and they will automatically be live in LetUsBook.
  • Enjoy the next generation booking application with all its bells and whistles!

Note: test organizations and its associated data will be deleted after 3 months from the day of registration if not go live before.

letubook bulding
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