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    Never-seen-before features

    Features like event forecasting, ticket pre-ordering, ticket wait-listing, real time facility session pooling, session cancel pending, session rescheduling, real time hosting, session wait listing, offline payments and receipts, wallet based transaction are some of our signature features that no one else is offering. Try LetUsBook today and see the magic yourself!
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    Take a test drive at our expense!

    We will credit your wallet with twenty-thousand rupees to test all the features! All the events and facilities you create are labelled as test items so they won’t be visible to anyone online other than yourself and your members. Once you are fully satisfied, you can go live and off you go!
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    Data guarantee and privacy

    We are hosted on the most trusted server on the planet where data is backed up every hour. Your data is very safe with us and the privacy of it is guaranteed.
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    Experienced and professional team

    Our team is very experienced and we love what we do. More than the profit component of LetUsBook, delivering great service is what drives everyone at LetUsBook.
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    Easy transition

    Whether or not you are using any booking application, you can easily make a transition to LetUsBook using our migration module. While existing bookings will continue to work, new bookings can be taken through LetUsBook. Existing member data can be mass uploaded.
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    Seeing is believing!

    We have a full working video of LetUsBook online. If you are still not convinced or satisfied, we can give you an online demo of LetUsBook on every aspect of it. You take a decision only when you are completely comfortable with LetUsBook.
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    Relentless support

    We promise you our relentless support once you start using LetUsBook. Extensive online help is given to help you use all the features. However, if you have any issues, we will always be there to resolve it in the shortest time possible.
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    Continuous improvement

    Though we have delivered a great product, we are not done. We will continue to improve on every department adding more and more features as years go by. At the same time, we make we do not clutter our design nor deteriorating our services.
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    Transparent pricing and transactions

    Our pricing is very transparent and our fees are very nominal. Without clubbing all the fees, we have separated our fees so that organizers can pick and choose the services and pay only for what they use. We do not charge our organizers for every ticket or session they sell like others. We charge only a nominal commission on organizers net income.
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    Our ironclad promise

    Our team is committed to giving highly professional services to all of our clients, Deriving inspiration from the well-known Japanese proverb which equates customer to god, the willingness to listen, respect and respond to our valuable clients is inbuilt in our work culture. LetUsBook is here to stay serving more and more clients for many years to come and that is our ironclad promise.

So the real question is not ‘Why LetUsBook’ but ‘Why not LetUsBook’!

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